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Sexy Southern Jock Johnny

Johnny has this James Dean thing going about him and he is the only person I have ever met that actually pulls it off. Johnny has a gorgeous face, beautiful hazel eyes and a killer smile. All of this is topping off a tight lean smooth body. Johnny woke up real early on our second day there and came into our room and asked if he could take a bath.  He laid back in the bath and explored his body with his hands. His hands made their way down to his tight hairy hole and his fingers explored inside. Johnny stroked his hard cut cock so violently as he bit his lips and moaned. He sat on the back of the tub and flexed his entire body as he worked his cock until he sprayed his chest with cum.

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Texas Road Trippers

What started out as a simple little car ride, turned into a three day sex party out in the middle of no-where Texas. The first boy to come along was a shy Sal; a 21 year old with beautiful skin, a hot body and a voracious sexual appetite. Joining us next was a hot open minded straight bad-boy with a rock hard bodybig cock and a tendency to get a little drunk. Up next are our dynamic duo; Rex and Ricky. These two were attached at the hip for the entire trip. Our boy Tanner was barely 18 with a ripped body and the most adorable face you have laid eyes on. Everett was alate cummer to the party but man are we glad he showed up. Last but definitely not least is our house boy Jay. This tall ripped hottie shows us everything he’s got and more. You will have a chance to see all of the boys in action as they suck and fucktheir way through the house and grounds.

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Paintball Warrior Theo

Thickly muscled and as athletic in physical stature as you can possibly get, Theo boasts a beautiful six pack and is nothing short of a soldier’s frame from head to toe.

Paintball Warrior Theo

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Bad Boy Vance

Fratmen’s newest, gorgeous, blue eyed fratboy cums to them courtesy of fellow model Graham who apparently tells everyone that Vance is a real bad boy. Once you’re eventually able to tear your stare away from his sweet smile and sea blue peepers, a body that can only be honed by hours of athletic activity and gym time is beheld. He loves to tease too, so while Vance undoes his jeans fairly quickly, it’s a little while longer before he pulls his package. And being a bad boy, Vance was hard in seconds flat. The anticipation of getting off for us all is all too entertaining for a cocky college jock like Vance after all!

Well Hung College Jock

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College Swimmer Jock

For decades, the male swimmer’s build has been considered the “perfect” male physique. Just enough muscle to exude masculinity, yet not too much as to give the impression of a brute. Our guy Graham certainly was blessed with such a body. Tall, lean, sinewy and just about as sexy as you can get, this college swimmer jock has built himself a masterpiece of a frame. Add a laid back, cool, slightly shy demeanor and you’ve got Graham in a nutshell. Oh…and if a pair of gorgeous blue eyes get your motors revving, this sultry athlete doesn’t disappoint in that department either!


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Hot Sweet College Jock

Sweet hunk Vincent is gorgeous from head to toe. Deep, super sexy blue eyes are the first things that stand out on this man, but it isn’t long before you find yourself soaking in the epitome of fratboy college jock masculinity. A wonderfully chiseled body jumps right out at you, starting with a chest that just won’t quit. Laid back, relaxed and more than confident to show us all that he’s got, Vincent is a dream come true and that is the bottom line!

Hot Sweet College Jock

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Midwestern College Stud Romeo

Taylor Swift sings “Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone…” and that’s exactly what you’d wanna do to this real meat and potatoes, football watching, corn-fed 19 year old jock. Romeo has a long and thick one but everything else is perfect as well – his ripped abs, hot furry butt & asshole and winner smile all contribute to making him one of CD247‘s hottest newbies of late.




Yearend Special: The Best of 2009

Happy New Year, folks!

I’d like to thank everyone for making BAM one of the most popular gay blogs on the net today. Thank you for visiting the blog more often though I’m really guilty of lapses in terms of posts. :)

So here’s the second edition of our Yearend Special. We made the first list last year and you may want to revisit it here. I may have fewer posts this year compared to last year but we still have a large pool of hot guys to choose from. Aleck and I hope that you’ll enjoy New Year’s festivities and wish you’ll have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead.

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