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Servicing Rugby Hunk Drew

Servicing Rugby Hunk Drew
Drew steps up a gear today, did not think we would see him do this; Dan strips down drew and before long he has his hands all over drew, in his pants and is playing away like he has a new toy! Drew closes his eyes and Dan licks the ends of drew massive erect uncut cock! Drew cant believe what is happening and just enjoys Dan giving great head and hoping non of his mates ever see this! Dan is great at giving head and all the straight lads he has sucked always say they enjoy it loads, which always worries them! So Dan carries on playing away and before long Drew is blowing his load, all done without him lifting a finger! Continue to Drew’s hot nude pics…

Straight Boyish Jock Samuel

Straight Boyish Jock Samuel

Samuel had been in before for a test shoot, but I didn’t think he would come back because he acted so nervous. I got a call from him asking what else he could do to make fast money. He agreed to a hazing – so I tied him up to a chair blindfolded him and got busy getting him hard. He is very vocal and seemed to love everything I was doing to him from nipple play to stroking to a slow blowjob. As he got closer to cumming he got louder and louder. He finally shot his load with a big satisfied moan. Continue to Samuel’s hot nude pics…

Handsome Bisexual Jock Joshua

Joshua is a cute, kinda bimostly straight, type of guy. He watched straight porn for the solo, but our guess is he wont be nervous about working with a guy. Just not too experienced. He is definitely a guy that no neat and tidy label will not stick. Aside from that, he got way turned on by the solo and shoots an amazing load. Joshua is keen on working with Ransom, so next week be prepared for an awesome “Serviced” video!

Handsome Jock Joshua

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Hot Texan Jock Tyler

I came across Tyler on one of the popular social networking sites for gays when we were recruiting for our most recent shoot in Texas. He showed up with his hair standing up about 4 inches off his head. Brownish hair and blue eyes, Tyler stands about 5’7″ with a lean muscular build. When Tyler took off his shirt, he was rockin’ a six-pack abs and and beautiful chest and arms. Tyler teased us by slowly taking off his shirt and then finally his pants. Tyler reached into his jock and pulled out a thick 7″ cock and began to slowly move his lubed palm up and down.

Southern Jock Tyler

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Sexy Southern Boy Chase Rawling

Chase Rawling stands five foot ten and comes across like a shy and sweet, yet really sexy stud. His nice Southern manner really comes through when he is talking and smiling at you, but it is when he whips out his eight inch thick cockthat you understand how hot he really is! Chase talks about being a southern boy, and how much he loves basketball, and then begins showing off. As he takes off his clothes, his cock is semi-hard, but Chase works it up and puts on a hot show. When Chase bends over, we get a nice view of his virgin butthole, and he seems to really get into showing off his ass. This is a great sign! Chase flips over and busts a nice creamy warm nut to finish off an awesome scene!

Chase Rawling Busts His Eight Inch Thick Cock

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Straight English Hunks Scott & Zack

Scott is one of these muscular straight hunks that you just cant help yourself for liking; chat to him for a few minutes and you release this handsome hunk is also a pretty “naughty boy!” What is it that attracts us to these naughty ones! I guess he can get away with being cocky; great body, hair in all the right places and one whopper of a piece of meat! The guys compare their body parts doing a little measuring a long the way, casual and fun and horny watching two straight hunks playing, though never quite prepared to go too far! Zack is looking all pumped up and has one hard cock today; Scott is first to shoot a massive load drowning himself; Zack follows with a pretty good load and then Scott is back cuming again!

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Ripped Latino Kid Baby Star

You will absolutely adore Baby Star. This young Latino jock is hot, gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal. Don’t be deceived by his angelic face. Baby Star knows how to put on a show, teasing and flashing his hard cock.  Watch him as he puts on a striptease show and shows off his smooth sexy bodyhuge dick and big butt.

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Ripped English Stud Paddy

Paddy has proven to be the dark horse and managed to hold onto our members’ favourite number one sport most of the time since going on the website. So today I asked him back to come and entertain us a little more; with that naturally infectious smile, ripped body and rock solid equipment then it’s not that hard for Patrick to achieve. The surprise element today is he pushes himself, or should I say he pushes into himself and lets his finger to some exploring! So adventurer Paddy is off and I hope you enjoy what he does; he certainly does judging by the cum shot.

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