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His Name Is Lucky

I must have watched this hottie four or five times because this guy is just that damn hot. Lucky is a country boy, 20 years old, 5’9″ and weighs 165 lbs. He has a beautiful smile and some of the most gorgeous eyes (one is blue, the other is green) and he’s sportin’ a smokin’ body from head to toe.


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Hot Hot Ransom

I think you’re going to fall head-over-heels as I did for Ransom. This former marine is super handsome and super masculine and I love that “rough” attitude in him. What a hot dude!


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Can’t Get Over David

This is my second post for this hot former marine which I described like “his eyes are bluer than the waters he sailed.” Here’s more pics of David in his full glory – I didn’t show much of his skin before coz I have a thing on him and was worried that you might steal him from me. ;)

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Hot Marine Guy Styx

We’re bringing you hot Marine named Styx. Styx is 21-years old, stands 5′ 9 and weighs about 175 lbs. He’s been in the Marines for over three years. This guy knows how to pull out all the stops and he’s gonna’ drive you crazy. That, I am sure of. When he bends over and shows off that beautiful fucking ass and that sweet hole you’re gonna’ lose all sanity and probably everything else. ;)


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Melt Me Baby

David is a super cute former Marine with eyes bluer than the waters he sailed. You’ll want to kiss his smooth body the whole day and that innocent & sexy smile will surely melt you away.

Melt Me Baby



Hot Sculpted Stud

His name is Colt – love his hot sculpted body and his shy sexy smile.

Hot Sculpted Stud



Inked and Gorgeous

Cutter is one super hot stud with the prettiest brownish-green eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s shy, sweet, and full of smiles. Cutter likes to wrestle, go wakeboarding and tinker around with cars. He’s wrestled in a few tournaments and also likes to find time to snowboard.

When he hauled his nice fat cock out of his boxers I started drooling on my keyboard. That huge cock stayed at full attention the entire time as he made the cutest smiles at the camera. His cock just kept getting bigger and bigger as he worked himself up to one hell of a cumshot.

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Inked and Gorgeous

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Video: Wayne from ActiveDuty

Wayne is a cute Army guy from ActiveDuty. I have photos of him but I lost it somewhere I can’t remember. He’s hot and he’s got a meaty tool too!

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