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Trystan Bull’s Hot Gym Workout

The best thing about getting to the gym early, as far as Trystan Bull is concerned, is that there is usually no one there, so Trystan gets the run of the place. This affords certain luxuries, like no wait on the weights, getting to play whatever music as loud as he wants, and of course, Trystan’s favorite part of the workout, the masturbation cool down. And they say the early bird gets the worm, but in Trystan’s case, the early bird gets the nut.

Trystan Bull

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Gorgeous Muscle Stud Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard has been major name in the gay adult industry for some time now. From his incredibly body, famous huge cock and distinctive tattoos, he’s made a name for himself that has launched a thousand erections. Always one to try new things, Johnny has signed on with Randy Blue and is ready to start banging he way through our roster of naked gay muscle hunks and horny college guys. Having done everything from solo work to hardcore group sex, Johnny has done it all and can’t wait to work with this new group of guys.

Gorgeous Stud Johnny Hazzard

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Up Close & Intimate: Harry Louis

Harry Louis makes a very welcome return to Menatplay and this time we get up close and intimate with this young heartbreaker. Ever since his first appearance in 2007 Harry has been the object of many men’s obsessions all over the world. Whether its his sensual come to bed eyes, his playful innocence or his delicious monster cock, there is one thing that we always hear from our members… ‘More Harry Please!’ Well here he is in a private One To One for you, playing with his fat, beautiful cock, teasing us with his tight ass and of course giving us one of his famous geyser cumshots. So close you can almost taste it!

Harry Louis

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Gorgeous Hunks Rod Daily & Brad Star

Rod Daily & Brad Star are pretty bored on a Tuesday afternoon. Not much going on. Just kicking it playing video games. So to make things a little more interesting, they decide to place a friendly wager on the outcome of their video contest. Well, as these things usually go, someone has to win & someone has to lose, and in this case, the loser has to suck the other one’s dick. Actually, on second thought, this turns out to be one of those bets where everyone is a winner.

Gorgeous Hunks Rod Daily & Brad Star

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Trystan Bull Through The Hole

Trystan Bull has had his workout at the gym, but the tension isn’t quite gone. So he takes a porno mag to the restroom and begins to jerk-off, unaware (or unconcerned) that there is a hole in the stall. Dylan Hauser was just trying to take a leak, but when he hears moaning coming from the stall, and sees Trystan through the glory hole, he decides to pull his dick out and jerk off too. Well when Trystan discovers Dylan, he decides to make it a party. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.

Trystan Bull Through The Hole

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Samuel O’Toole: Hot As Fire

It’s a chilly afternoon and Samuel O’Toole is getting cozy next to a roaring fire. He’s just returned from a motorcycle ride in brisk mountain air. First his clothes must come off to feel the full intensity of the fire. Samuel knows that stroking one’s cock can produce a rush of blood, which increases body temperature. It doesn’t take a survival expert to know that a good jerk session is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Tugging his nice, hard dick is helping Samuel stay alert and focused in this cold weather. And when that big load shoots, Samuel knows he’s done a good job.

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Cody Cummings: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Cody Cummings offers you an inside look behind the scenes that keep you cumming back. In this installment, Cody invites you to take a look at a typical photo shoot, which becomes anything but typical when the clothes start coming off. Watch as Cody seductively poses, flexes and strips down to some rather unique underwear. Then watch as the flash bulbs stop popping and Cody gets down to business, stripping all the way naked, leaning back and pleasuring himself for your enjoyment, culminating in a sweaty, messy ending.

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Trystan Bull & His Trainee

I’m  sure you know by now that Trystan is a personal trainer. He trains himself, and he trains others looking to get buff and be healthy. Today, Trystan will be training Brandon Lewis. Now Brandon is already pretty healthy, but he’s been slacking off on his workout routine lately. That’s where The Bull comes in. He’s lean, mean and ready to pump you up! Meaning, after doing some bench presses with Brandon, he’ll be doing some face fucking and cum dumping.

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