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Sensual Hunk Trystan Bull

Sensual Hunk Trystan Bull
Trystan Bull is home from a long day at work, wanting nothing more than a little R&R. His wish comes true when he walks through the door to discover his wife has run an errand and will be several hours. Trystan immediately hops around to the bar to mix a drink, and celebrating his short stretch of freedom, begins to slowly massage his cock from its slumber. Unzipping his pants and watching a porn on his laptop at the bar, Trystan decides to make an event of it, and so he strips down and makes his way over to the couch, where he pops in a hidden disc from his “secret stash hiding place”. Now fully experiencing his porn in HD on the big screen, Trystan sets into easing his tension as he strokes his rock hard cock into submission, lotion and lathered, before finally cumming all over himself on the sofa. Stress relieved, libido sated, and still time enough for another drink. Call it the perfect evening alone. Continue to Trystan’s hot nude pics…

Sensual Hunk Trystan Bull Sensual Hunk Trystan Bull Sensual Hunk Trystan Bull

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