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I know I hadn’t updated the blog for almost a week that’s why I have more than one post today to compensate for few days of lapses. Our company has bagged more contracts for this year and that really keeps me busy.

Aleck noticed that I have a slight resemblance to this guy…well, perhaps the hair. Haha! I think to some degree except that I’ve gained weight since we moved here in HK, so he’s a skinny version of me – I have broader shoulders though from years of swimming. I also have less prominent nose and darker eyes and skin. I could pass for both a French and a Latino. Funny that I sport the same hairstyle too! That’s my hairstyle in 2008 although I was clean cut for like 2 months and then back to this style today.

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Anyway, Dawson is a charismatic yet rebellious type of guy. He travels a lot and has experienced good things life has to offer – school, music, athletics to name a few. This 23-year-old has an intuitive talent for expressing himself in front of the camera where he can brilliantly dramatize the erotic side of him. Catch some of his videos on PerfectGuyz website.

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  1. that is a beautiful guy. BTW besides hairstyle, there is really nothing resemblant? how about the xxxxxx? lol :)

  2. LOL!

    Let’s ask Aleck because he’s yet to convince me that I resemble this guy.

  3. I think the 7th pic has a closer resemblance to you. Only that you’re darker in all aspects like eyes, hair and skin…

  4. francois has actually the same shade of lighter skin. he looks that pale when i first met him in montreal. hangin around the beach and the pool has perhaps made his skin darker.

    we are down to 3, vote for who you think the hottest in the Philippines… VOTE NOW!!!

  6. wow, so many guys saw you before? this is a hot post about “you” lol, i could guess what u look like now.

  7. Cholo, I can be super pale during winter months in Montreal.

    Mike, Bill is an English friend we met when we moved here in HK. Cholo is one of my Asian friends when I was living in Canada. We attended the same college and I always thank him for helping us move here in HK.

  8. i love him where can I place an order and deliver him to me right away?LOL

  9. So sexy yet so beautiful!!!
    What a great wesite!

  10. Brushstroke, I appreciate the note. :-)

  11. you are so cute and I like you

  12. oh thats a nice one omg

  13. hot and sexy sweet duck

  14. hi i love your sex
    i want to sexy with you

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