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Oh Boy, Ya So Sexy!

MenMachine website has become my favorite source of hot guys to be featured here. Most of you will agree that our guy here is one of the hottest since my Dick McKay post. I don’t have his name yet but he’s sure popular. He’s got a reddish hot meat which is not so common, I think.

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  1. Whatta stud!

    Very sexy!!!

  2. That is Ty Colt. He is a Falcon model and he appears in the collections of this week.

  3. Thanks FEETINSF because I have many pics of DICK McKAY, rather hairy man, and this didn’t really fit with them..

    I thought that he had changed somehow….LOL!

    So, I’ll have to change those pics from the folder of DiCK…

    JiEL, Montréal, Can.

  4. hot muscled stud! love the red meat!

    hey frank! when are you going to update this blog?

  5. Right! This blog needs updating.

    I think François and Aleck are on an extended Valentines holiday. ;-)

  6. Excelente varon

  7. why, his dick so red…..likely prawn…

  8. Cholo and Bill, sorry for the lapses. You learned what happened.

    Jesus, thanks.

  9. @ Dave, LOL!

  10. hot like hell!!

  11. you are a perfet beautil and sexi hotman lo quo mas me gusta de ti es tu unico defecto esas entraditas en tu cabeza arriba de tus bellisimos blue eyes

  12. Nice bod but I like hair…natural hair in the right places.

  13. Omg this guy looks exactly like this straight boy at school who I have been in love with since jr high. (I’m a senior)

  14. handsum
    I like you vry much
    like to enjoy you.

  15. dear

  16. The red cock could be from a few things:
    -he’s using androgel on his cock to increase his testosterone/potency and the androgel has caused skin irritation and redness;
    -he’s been jerkin off to fatten up his pole without using lubrication;
    -or he stuck his cock in hot water and burned the fucker!
    Regardless, would love to have him as a patient!I’d prescribe a tongue massage and a good fuck! Top, bottom–who cares.
    Practice limited to Cockology.

  17. sooo damn hot i love you baby!!!! hahaha

  18. Omg this mother fucker is sooooooo hot and sexy, but some natural hair would be nice…

  19. I have lots of natural hair, Trent.
    Do you? D

  20. damn he fine

  21. Last time I saw a dick that RED was on a collage quater back who “tried it” (gay sex) with me. I slipped him a little of my magic juice! Thats a mix I had made up by an ugly old pharmasist who would give me anything for satisfaction! (head sex!) I pleased him in exchange for a mix of a sexual stimulant and a “top off” that didn’t quite let a man ejackulate. Watching that muscle stud wank for four hours almost crying because he coulden’t climax was a night to remember!!

  22. John: Jun 7
    What was i the mix, dude?
    Tell me.
    Sounds like a buy!

  23. omg they need a tan on there balls

  24. i want to you with sexy.
    i like your sex

  25. Reminds me of my very 1st lover, Steve. I was 20 and he was 18. The best part is that it lasted for 5 years. Amazing !! Ty is a demi-god for sure. You go Ty.

  26. I don’t understand why some guys like to shave their pubes. Ty is really hot. He would have been hotter if he had his pubes on.

  27. very niceI don’t understand why some guys like to shave their pubes.

  28. i like that

  29. Naked guy just the way I love to see posed. Needs to grow pubic hair to make him more erotic.

  30. Soooo sexy ……i want some guys like him …… there any one

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