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Gorgeous and Hairy

How are you folks?!

Some of you might have wondered why I hadn’t updated the blog in a while. Well, it’s because I have to care for Aleck. He’s contracted an infection from an injury on his right arm during our last fishing trip. We spent our Valentines Day in the hospital because he was confined for two days but we’re both happy. Challenges in life have always made us closer. He’s ok now and recuperating but he’s having difficulties doing some basic stuff so I basically have to divide my time between heavy workload and nursing him. :-)

I got an inspiration to update the blog when I stumbled upon Hugh Davis‘ photos this morning. His blue eyes and great looks define the word “gorgeous”. Not sure about you but I’m not very particular about big dicked guys – I’m usually into the whole package. Hugh has an average dick but you would agree that he looks far hotter than any big dicked guys out there.

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