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Gorgeous and Hairy

How are you folks?!

Some of you might have wondered why I hadn’t updated the blog in a while. Well, it’s because I have to care for Aleck. He’s contracted an infection from an injury on his right arm during our last fishing trip. We spent our Valentines Day in the hospital because he was confined for two days but we’re both happy. Challenges in life have always made us closer. He’s ok now and recuperating but he’s having difficulties doing some basic stuff so I basically have to divide my time between heavy workload and nursing him. :-)

I got an inspiration to update the blog when I stumbled upon Hugh Davis‘ photos this morning. His blue eyes and great looks define the word “gorgeous”. Not sure about you but I’m not very particular about big dicked guys – I’m usually into the whole package. Hugh has an average dick but you would agree that he looks far hotter than any big dicked guys out there.

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  1. Hope he gets well soon. I’ll visit again this weekend.

  2. oh, aleck boy…hope ur ok now.

  3. Bill and Cholo, we really appreciate your concern. Luv u guys!

    François and Aleck

  4. I also hope that Aleck will totally recover.
    Your young so you’ll be in good health soon.

    For me, I had that HUGH in my folders for years..
    Always MELTING in front of those GORGEOUS BLUE EYES and .. nice hairy blond body.

    Best regards to all
    JiEL, Montréal,Can.

  5. Luv ya JiEL! Thanks for the concern and thanks for the emails while we were away. We need news about C. ;-)

    François and Aleck

  6. Best wishes of prompt recovery to Alec, and good luck to you both!

    I lick Aleck’s feet to make him feel better! ;-)

  7. Feet, thank you for the kind words. Aleck was laughing out loud about the feet thing. :-)

    François and Aleck

  8. wow.very exelent

  9. a happy couple. admire….

  10. Abdul and Cliff, thank you. :-)

    François and Aleck

  11. i seriously need his msn ! could anyone give it to me plzzzz ??

  12. Dear Friend,
    I like you so much. Thank you.

  13. Hi. Brand new here. The first model that got to me after looking at many was the sexy and fuzzy Hugh Davis. His eyes..just speak volumes to me. – Montana Cowboy

  14. Montana Cowboy, thanks for visiting. Hugh Davis has indeed earned a following in this blog.

  15. This guy is absolutely gorgeous. What a bod. Perfect cock!!!!!

  16. Perfections, Hunky and admirabily, is captivating.

  17. Hey francios new here but I get that from bill and cholo’s words something bad happened to someone who kno hope they get better

  18. img164 wahool iam giong to dream about u this morning

  19. omg he looking good

  20. i love u so much i wan to fuck with u and pla remove ur hair around penis and i want more photo send to my mail i always dream for you

  21. i love ur cock and sexy blue eyes i want to suck ur penis plz give me that chance

  22. Fuck me, pound me every minute of the day or night. I am always ready.

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  24. hugh is yummy .. average penis???are you kidding me…perfect…where is he…yummy…

  25. can i see more of hugh …. pleeze…

  26. Gorgeous hairy body .. awesome dick .. and lovely blue eyes ..

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