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Country Marine Cowboy Cory

Cory is a sexy 19-year-old cowboy and Marine and what a really hot young cowboy he is. He said he decided to join the Marine Corps to fight for his country. I’m still drooling over this guy and his gorgeous green eyes.

Country Cowboy Cory



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  1. What has happened to your blog?
    This used to be a great blog with great pictures and links but now it is full of advertising and every post sends you to a pay per view site. If you want to run a pay per view site why don’t you open one and stop doing it under the guise of a blog. Blogs are about sharing not making money, you must be on a good commission rate. I am removing my subscription to your blog and removing it from my favorites.

  2. Kevin, you’re always free to go.

    If you can pay for my mounting costs on monthly bandwidth to run this blog then I’ll take your advice.

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