So, you cared after all. :-)

My name is François and I currently reside in HK with my longtime partner in life – Aleck. We are both French Canadians and we met in a youth camp in Brazil 8 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2003 when we fell in love and decided to live together. It’s been 5 happy years and we now look forward to spending our twilight years together (although we’re still both in our mid-20’s!).

We started Blog About Men with Blogger on May 2008 and this blogging thing was unknown to us until that time. Aleck and I realized that we love what we’re doing and we decided to go beyond the limitations of Blogger. We ended up purchasing a domain and hosted our own blog. I want the blog character to focus on the beauty of men and not so much on the pornographic attributes. But Aleck and I have some disagreements with what topics to post so he created his own blog called A Naked Guy.

Aleck works with an investment firm while I work with a design company and I do projects home-based most of the time. We love the Asian environment, the food and the friendly people around us.

I hope you’ll like my posts and visit this site as often as you want.

If you need to contact me, please send me an email to: