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Taylor Teavon

Some girls and gay guys would watch us practice when I was with the college swimming team. But I can also see in the corner of my eyes how they stare at my crotch when I walk past them, so I think most of them would watch us to check our bulges. Lol!

Taylor here is also with the college swimming team. His good looks remind me of hot actor Paul Walker. This 21-year-old hunk is from Seattle, WA and he works part time as a personal trainer. Images from SharpMen website.

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Repost By Request: Tim Oakes

Regular visitors of our old site will remember that Sandbach Rugby captain Tim Oakes was one of the first few posts we made on that site. Aleck got a request from one of our avid readers last week to repost Tim’s entire gallery. This sexy player was made famous for appearing on a controversial UK TV documentary about The Sandbach Rugby boys’ hot naked bonding.

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Connor here plays loads of sports. Cute athletes and sportsmen has always been a turn on for me. Aleck was in his college rugby team while I was in the swimming team until my junior year in college. Both of us didn’t “come-out” until recently. Don’t ask me about the shower and locker room scenes because I can devote an entire blog of my experiences and stories. Images from Corbin Fisher website.

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Our guy Zander was in the wrestling and football teams when he was in high school (my dirty mind can imagine the prominent bulge in those wrestling tights, LOL!). He’s now 21 and I’m glad that he has maintained that amazing physique. His boyish good looks adds to his appeal and Zander‘s 7 incher would have been a large budge during those wrestling days, LOL! Images from PerfectGuyz website.

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Football Player Ariel

And the fascination for super hot football players continues. Ariel is a midfielder and has played in B and C divisions in Latin American teams.

This 23-year-old is a man of few words and he confessed that his best sex experience is with an older (30-year-old) woman who “did things different than the others” (Hmmm…what could it be? Maybe she performed the “helicopter” on him, LOL!). And the good news is – although he has done it with women so far – Ariel also loves anal sex! Maybe he has no idea that women’s ass are so boring and he has to try some “other” ass too. :-) Images from AuthenticFootballers.

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Yoann Gourcuff

Not that I’m bias but if you ask me, Yoann Gourcuff is way hotter than Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s my take, Yoann’s just way hotter!

Gourcuff was born on July 11, 1986 in Ploemeur – a commune in French region of Brittany. He currently plays with A.C. Milan signing a contract to the 2010 -11 season – though early this year, he was loaned to Bordeaux for the 2008/2009 season to allow him more playing time. He made his debut for the French national team on September this year.

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Football Player Sebastian

We’ve featured so many Sebastians on this blog before and everytime we feature one, it’s always hot and steamy. Today, we have another super hot Sebastian and he’s a football player from Latin America. You probably notice that we’ve been featuring series of football players for the past few weeks. Well, that’s because we were given free access to AF website by an AF friend and I can’t resist but share the hot players to my blog readers!

Well, enough of blah-blah and back to Sebastian. Don’t you think his innocent expression looks so cute? I was told by some AF insiders that Sebastian has a really nice attitude and this handsome guy was always smiling while on the set. But the main attraction to us here is his well built body, a thick dick surrounded by a bush of unshaved and natural pubes, so pristine just like the garden of Eden. Photos from AuthenticFootballers.

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Scott Is Hot!

Hot young lad Scott plays loads of football and keeps that great shape by working out in the gym. He said he’s more comfortable walking around in his bulging boxers and trainers. If that’s the case, I might also love to be around spying what’s beneath that bulging boxers. ;-) Photos from EnglishLads.

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