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Well Hung Latino Kid!

I’ve been itching to post Juan‘s pics these past few days while I was having trouble with my site’s image uploader. Good thing it was finally resolved so everything’s back to normal now.

Anyway, I got these photos from MiamiBoyz website as they started to add new hot models this past week. Juan is a good looking 18-year-old boy from Miami and the post title obviously tells what this Latino kid is packing!

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Beautiful Head to Toe!

Get him naked and you’ll agree that Jeremy is perfect from head to toe! He has a cute face, nice skin, well toned body with right amount of muscles and not to mention that wonderful equipment down there. I learned from his vid that he’s a shy guy, so who cares! I love shy guys, my Aleck is so shy in public but he’s wild in bed! LOL!

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Perfectly Hairy

Gosh, can somebody affirm that he is the hottest guy I’ve ever featured? Because I really think he is! Look at that – he’s a cross between hot NBA star Tony Parker and heartthrob Enrique Iglesias but perhaps our guy has a big meat advantage! It’s only January and we’ve got so many hot guys to grace our Year End Special already. I’m now thinking of making a Month End Special too, just to ease the job of compiling hot guys at the end of the year. Hmmm…how’s that?

These photos were also from MenMachine, same site where I stole Blake Riley’s photos below. LOL! They’ve got tons of hot models on their gallery so you might wanna check it out.

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Pretty Boy

Ryan will always give you a look of an angel, like a beautiful angel. But that innocent looks will deceive you since Ryan can be wild, he can get bad, like really bad. Perhaps you first saw him on an amateur vid because that’s where he’d started. But he’s far from being amateur now, he’s gone bad. Ryan is an angel gone bad.

But on the other hand he’s done something good, like really good. Ryan is not selfish and he shares his monstrous meat worthy of appreciation.

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Russian Pup

What a beautiful pup we have for today, I would guess his age between 17-20. Actually, I wasn’t sure if he’s really Russian. He has a slight resemblance to Aleck’s Russian co-worker so was the guess. Lol!

I like meeting people of different nationalities because I love the diversity of mankind’s beauty. This is the reason why Aleck and I travel a lot. Next year’s travel plan include Ukraine, Czech Republic and Croatia. We’re already doing our homework about these places and I hope some readers can give us bits of travel tips. :-)

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Muscled and Hairy

I’ll borrow this title from a post I’ve made a few weeks ago. I got these photos from MenMachine website and I think this model is so hot with that muscled and hairy bod. He’s the muscled type that you’ll like – something not over the top.

Oh, and do you know why he’s staring down his crotch? It’s because he himself is so amazed of that big fat dick he has. :)

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Mr. Popular: Mike Roberts

I remember posting some beefcake photos of Mike Roberts on our old site and I’m getting requests from friends to post him here too. Although his movies are all over, I was having difficulty finding quality photos of him. Good thing we have our friends from JakeCruise website lend us some pics from their gallery. I think Mike has filmed his best movies on JakeCruise too.

This hot lad is indeed one of the most appealing models in the gay adult business. His hunky features, beautiful cock and manly looks have all contributed to his marketability. Despite of so many gay movies he filmed having sex with guys, Mike still claims he’s straight up to this day – something I personally believe. He once said he’s for “pure business” and yes you will notice some emotionless and dead gay sex movies he’d filmed during his early days…but he has now evolved into a pro – being one of the best in the industry.

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Bad Boy Mario

I love this lad. I like his sweet and adorable smile in a teasing fashion.

Mario of BadPuppy is a boyish-looking 26-year-old from Los Angeles. Reminds me of cute Latino boys in the streets of LA. He has a nice ink on his back, arms and legs. He says he spends his spare time listening to rock music and playing basketball. And did I say he has a beautiful cock and balls too? Check it out!

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