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Boy Next Door Daniel

My friend JiEL would be proud on how I featured his boy here. He kept his photos in his hard drive for years and now he decided to share it for the pleasure of many.

Daniel is a picture of a fine young man with all his youth and beauty. Not exactly sure about his nationality but my best guess is Czech? He has a nice young bod and an uncut meat that will surely keep your jaw aching for days! LOL!

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Piercing Blue Eyes

I’d like to thank my friend JiEL for sending us photos of beautiful boys from his collection. At least I now have great stock of photos to post for the month of February. :-)

This beautiful blonde here is one of JiEL‘s collections – his name is Jakub and I think he’s a Czech guy? The first thing you’ll notice about the boy is his nice and piercing blue eyes. Actually, I wanted to post more pics of him but I think I’m really using up my RAM space and bandwidth that I need to upgrade to a more expensive hosting package anytime soon! As you may know, I only pay attention to Jakub‘s looks so I’ll leave the rest of his feature’s appreciation to you… ;-)

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Young Cameron Jackson

You’ll recognize this beautiful and youthful face from teen porn films you’ve watched around. Before he became famous, Cameron posed for several photographers and photography outfits like Karel Rok, William Higgins and Jacubsworld to name a few. He was known for screen names like Honza, Jan Strom, Krystof Nikolas and Vráta. He has grown into a man now and he’s even hotter! You might want to watch one of my favorite free vids of him: Hot Police And His Spy.

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Blonde, blue-eyed, and classically handsome Drew has just moved to California from the East Coast. He’s probably tired of boring and interminable winters and wants to experience a place in the sun. Drew has had some experience as a runway model and still want to develop that career. His luminous blue eyes set against a radiant face, bulging biceps, a smooth boyish ass and a perfect 7 inch uncut cock make him strikingly beautiful. The tattoo in his biceps says “Never Forget – Never Regret”. Photos from PerfectGuyz.

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