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Cody Cummings’ Cam Show

Cody Cummings' Cam Show

Cody Cummings takes you to the other side of his steamy cam show, with a real look in to his perspective during these hot web sessions. He gets intimate with live viewers, as well as pulling double duty for the cameras. And speaking of pulling, things crank up once the subtle tease is over, as Cody rips off his clothes and satisfies himself in front of the whole world.  Continue to Cody’s hot nude pics…

Cody Cummings Showered & Clean

Fresh off a strenuous workout, sneak a peek at Cody Cummings as he cools down in the shower. Watch as he rubs and scrubs himself clean, lathering up and washing down, stroking his sweet cock the whole time. He goes from cooling down to heating right back up, and you have an intimate look at the whole thing.

Cody Showered and Clean

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The Cody Cam Is Back!

The Cody Cam is back! And this time up on the casting couch, it’s Calvin Koons. Calvin is still new to the biz so he’s not totally sure what he’s gotten himself into, but soon enough he’ll find out why the call Cody the Next Door Stallion. Calvin is unsure at first, but in no time he’s gagging on Cody’s dickand putting fingers in his asshole. And you have a first hand POV look at all the action.

The Cody Cam

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Cody Cummings Lends His Hand

You’ve seen Cody Cummings push his limits.  But you’ve never seen the Next Door Stallion like THIS!  Anthony Romero joins Cody for a scene of epic proportion. While Anthony strokes Cody’s massive, throbbing cock, Cody’s hand finds its way to Anthony’s dick.  Watch him jerk Anthony’s bulging hard-on like you’ve never seen before…because Cody’s never pushed it this far!

Cody Lends His Hand

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Cody Cummings: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Cody Cummings offers you an inside look behind the scenes that keep you cumming back. In this installment, Cody invites you to take a look at a typical photo shoot, which becomes anything but typical when the clothes start coming off. Watch as Cody seductively poses, flexes and strips down to some rather unique underwear. Then watch as the flash bulbs stop popping and Cody gets down to business, stripping all the way naked, leaning back and pleasuring himself for your enjoyment, culminating in a sweaty, messy ending.

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Cody’s Oiled Down Muscles

If you like glistening, oiled down muscles, this is the scene for you. We’ll make it simple: Cody, in a bathtub, drenched in slick, shiny oil, rubbing his muscles and his cock. Enough said.

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Cody’s Next Victim: Vance Crawford

It’s time for Cody to find some new performers to join him on his site. So that means, it’s audition time with Mr. Cody Cummings. Today’s victim is Vance Crawford. A young, fit hunk with an open mind and an empty wallet. After telling Vance how things happens on, it’s time to see the goods. After having Vance strip down, Cody sneaks into the view of the camera and stuffs the new guys mouth with his fat cock. To Cody’s surprise, Vance gave him a great sucking, enough so as to make him unload his balls all over the interviewees chest!

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Royal Stud Cody Cummings

I caught Cody Cummings right in the middle of his photo shoot. Not that a little extra attention bothers this stud. After getting the pics snapped, Cody heads over to our famous black leather couch where he lubes up his thick shaft and gives his cock a thorough stroking before unloading his tight balls all over our carpet.

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