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Tease Me

Cute and naughty Czech boy. That teasing smile would want you to spank his ass…and eat it too. Of course you have more choices of meat other than his buns but I think you’d rather start it there.

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Wet and Hot

Here’s the story about our 19 year old model Ian. He’s a full-time university student where he divides his time between practices with the freshmen swim team and his modeling assignments when he’s not in class . Sometime during workout, Ian showed off his swimmer’s body to a teammate, who then decided to make a sexy video clip of Ian to post on YouTube. Luckily, the video just got a little bit hotter and that’s how this hot lad ended up here. LOL!

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Beautiful Head to Toe!

Get him naked and you’ll agree that Jeremy is perfect from head to toe! He has a cute face, nice skin, well toned body with right amount of muscles and not to mention that wonderful equipment down there. I learned from his vid that he’s a shy guy, so who cares! I love shy guys, my Aleck is so shy in public but he’s wild in bed! LOL!

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Yay! Summer is Almost Here!

Or is it already here?

Well, this is the second time Aleck and I have to spend the summer in Asia and I realized that today’s theme should reflect the mood around here – longer sunny days and wonderful weather. Another best in this part of the world is that you have so many places to go, tons of options on how to spend your summer vacation.

Anyway, I stole more photos from Nick’s blog than I’m supposed to. Ha! This guy named Vitaly is more than hot and sexy. I’m sure he’s the guy you’d want to meet when you go hot guy searching swimming in the beach this summer. :-)

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I stole Franco‘s photos from my friend Nick’s blog today. I went to his site and rampaged some photos that I can post here. Ha! Nick knows that we both have similar taste and eye for gorgeous guys – his is one of the very few gay blogs I really frequent.

Franco‘s lips are so inviting – no doubt you’ll really get enticed to kiss him. Did I say his furry crotch and butt are pure pleasure? Slurp-slurp. :-)

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Hot English

It’s no surprise that hot stud Scott Stone has gained quite a following since he was first featured at EnglishLads site a few months back. I posted photos of him during the very first week this blog went online. Now he’s back in his top form, I noticed Scott‘s tanned a little bit and has probably spent more hours in the gym. He’s so beautifully toned and got better abs and shoulders this time.

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Month End Special: The Best of February

Yay! The month of love is so short and so it’s almost over. I made few posts during February due to my super schedule coupled with my nursing duty to Aleck. We talked over dinner about how bittersweet the month of February was. I also think we’re still caught in nostalgia about our happy days in Montreal.

Anyway, I hope I can include all the guys here but we need a shortlist of the best faces we featured this month. So here they are, I want to know your thoughts so feel free to leave a note at the end of this post.

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Karl Gets Dirty

I mean, “dirty” literally. :-)

Karl Ben is definitely one of the most gorgeous straight porn actors. I posted a waterfall series of Karl on my old site and I’m so lucky to find more quality photos of him today. He was greased a little bit here which adds more drama to his already masculine and sexy looks. You might love to sit on his hairy and sweaty chest while your mouth hands are busy on some other stuff. :-)

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