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He reminds me of a swim team buddy back in college. Similar facial features and physique but we probably grow broader shoulders than Tim does.

This 19-year-old works full-time as a landscaper. Not sure what other “landscaping” work he does aside from lawns and gardens. He said he’s mostly “straight” and adds that “Everybody’s had their crazy nights here and there, right?” Sean Cody asked him to elaborate and Tim said “You know, buddies, hanging around doing what we got to do and uh, you know, sometimes stuff happens.” Wow, that was cute!

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Hot Stud

“Kiss me…” that’s what his lips are telling you.

But of course you want more than just a kiss because this guy is super hot! He’s probably the shy or snub type but I think there’s something sexy about this type of guys. I can remember how I was attracted to shy guys during college. Lol! They say shy guys are wild in bed? Hmmm…let’s see what our readers think.

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Hot Duo

Imagine these guys as Aleck and me. Ha!

Ok, how about about you and your boyfriend, or a dream boyfriend if you’re still searching for one. The guys are hot, aren’t they? I love posting tasteful duo pics and I don’t know why I haven’t posted one in a while. Well, I understand that both these guys are straight (at least according to their profile) so I know you’ll be really thrilled to see them do this gay stuff!

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Perfectly Hairy

Gosh, can somebody affirm that he is the hottest guy I’ve ever featured? Because I really think he is! Look at that – he’s a cross between hot NBA star Tony Parker and heartthrob Enrique Iglesias but perhaps our guy has a big meat advantage! It’s only January and we’ve got so many hot guys to grace our Year End Special already. I’m now thinking of making a Month End Special too, just to ease the job of compiling hot guys at the end of the year. Hmmm…how’s that?

These photos were also from MenMachine, same site where I stole Blake Riley’s photos below. LOL! They’ve got tons of hot models on their gallery so you might wanna check it out.

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Muscled Hunk Kristian

Kristian is a 19 year old European runway model. This 6-0″ tall and 185 lbs. muscled hunk enjoys motorcycle racing and snowboarding. He was recently on a ski apparel assignment with Jerrod, another model from his agency. After a hard day in the snow and with no women around, Kristian shows Jerrod more of his sexy moves when they are alone in their bedroom. Jerrod captures his tan, naked body pretty well for an amateur videographer. Of course you’ll get to see some of the tasteful and classy shots on Kristian‘s gallery. :-)

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Pretty Boy

Ryan will always give you a look of an angel, like a beautiful angel. But that innocent looks will deceive you since Ryan can be wild, he can get bad, like really bad. Perhaps you first saw him on an amateur vid because that’s where he’d started. But he’s far from being amateur now, he’s gone bad. Ryan is an angel gone bad.

But on the other hand he’s done something good, like really good. Ryan is not selfish and he shares his monstrous meat worthy of appreciation.

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College Jock

He’s probably one of those guys who’s famous in college not only because he has good looks but he’s also rumored to have big cock. LOL! You’ll probably notice his nice eyes and kissable lips first. And just like me, you’ll only care about the looks, his abs and the chest ignoring everything else because these features are more relevant to you. ;-)

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I know I hadn’t updated the blog for almost a week that’s why I have more than one post today to compensate for few days of lapses. Our company has bagged more contracts for this year and that really keeps me busy.

Aleck noticed that I have a slight resemblance to this guy…well, perhaps the hair. Haha! I think to some degree except that I’ve gained weight since we moved here in HK, so he’s a skinny version of me – I have broader shoulders though from years of swimming. I also have less prominent nose and darker eyes and skin. I could pass for both a French and a Latino. Funny that I sport the same hairstyle too! That’s my hairstyle in 2008 although I was clean cut for like 2 months and then back to this style today.

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Anyway, Dawson is a charismatic yet rebellious type of guy. He travels a lot and has experienced good things life has to offer – school, music, athletics to name a few. This 23-year-old has an intuitive talent for expressing himself in front of the camera where he can brilliantly dramatize the erotic side of him. Catch some of his videos on PerfectGuyz website.

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