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Well Hung Latino Kid!

I’ve been itching to post Juan‘s pics these past few days while I was having trouble with my site’s image uploader. Good thing it was finally resolved so everything’s back to normal now.

Anyway, I got these photos from MiamiBoyz website as they started to add new hot models this past week. Juan is a good looking 18-year-old boy from Miami and the post title obviously tells what this Latino kid is packing!

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Oh, Rafael

I’d like to thank our friend Bryan Ockert for sending us photos of hot stud Rafael. This gorgeous looking guy has a nice sweet smile and great personality.

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What a Gorgeous Face

This gorgeous guy is Curcio and he’s South American – I guess an Argentinian or he could also pass for a fair skinned Brazilian or Cuban. I don’t have much info about this sexy lad and tidbits from blog readers will be very much appreciated.

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More of Big Dicked Nick

Nick is a big dicked Venezuelan we featured here a few weeks ago. I found more photos of him from BadPuppy website so I decided to run a second post – this time giving more emphasis to his dark meat. Nick loves photography and he works as a Go-Go dancer in Caracas. Which club in Caracas? Well, that I don’t know…and I won’t tell if I do either. Because you little devils will go flocking there to get a taste his meat. ;-)

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Video: G’s Hottest

I can’t find decent photos of gorgeous boys today so I’d rather treat you to a hot video. Was his name Bam-Bam? Not sure but I think he’s one of the hottest guys featured on G Online.

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Somebody asked me a few days ago if I can post more Latino guys. So here’s Julio, hope he’s Latino enough for you. Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about him is the hairy chest and that would give you a hint that Julio is hairy all over. I think he looks very masculine but wait ’til he drops his pants and see what a pure Latino meat is.

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He’s Got a Huge One

His name is Nick and he’s from Venezuela. He is CD247‘s new guy and judging from his preview vid, I would say this guy is hot and would go a long way in the adult business. Everything from his sexy bod, nice sweet smile and thick South American accent will send you wild!

And shhhh…don’t tell anyone. Nick‘s packin’ a huge dark meat under his pants.

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Hot Cuban

I found this Cuban guy’s pics so I decided to make a secondary post about the Cuban side effect I mentioned in above’s post. His good looks and sexy bod meet my standards to get attracted to straight guys but one thing upsets me most…he shaved his crotch.

Now I think razor’s worst contribution to mankind is balding a straight guy’s crotch! LOL!

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