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Sexual Bar-ventures of James Huntsman

Sexual Bar-ventures of James Huntsman

He’s a traveler, hardened by too many hours waiting in terminals. AJ Monroe’s seen more faces than most do in a lifetime. Some he remembers, most he doesn’t. But as he sits by himself at the airport bar, sipping a double vodka, clean, a certain face grabs his attention. It belongs to part-time bartender, James Huntsman.

The two notice each other’s glances and stumble into a conversation that begins with pleasantries. As they become more friendly, James pours a round of shots for them to share. They clink glasses and drink. As the mood grows intimate, they find themselves discussing the inconvenience of finding sexual outlet while traveling for long periods. They both know toward what this exchanging is leading. Soon there isn’t another soul in sight and James is cleaning up from the day, bare chested. AJ takes an interest in James’s body, then an even more specific interest in his swollen cock underneath James’s underpants. Continue to James’ hot nude pics…

Hunky Stud James Meets Cute Jock Tyler

Hunky Stud James Meets Cute Jock Tyler

Tyler Sweet is a young man who knows what he wants and goes after it. When he arrives at his friend Steve’s place to hang out, he finds Steve’s brother, James Huntsman, lounging in a pair of very skimpy swimmin’ shorts.  James informs Tyler that Steve left hours ago to hang out downtown and smoke weed behind the mall.  Tyler is bummed but also intrigued by the situation. He popped a chubby in his shorts when he saw James’s well oiled body glistening by the pool.  When he decides to make a move and go in for James’s cock, he’s happy to find that James welcomes Tyler’s mouth to enjoy his growing hard-on.  Watch the incredibly hunky James give Tyler a mouthful in this steamy, backyard suck session. Continue to James and Tyler’s hot nude pics…

Introducing…The Rectodus Society

Introducing...The Rectodus Society
The Rectodus Society is an organization founded upon principles of encouragement, brotherhood, and acceptance. With a passion for guiding men by coming together we are a beacon for those struggling to walk the straight path. The Rectodus motto is “turning you gay so she doesn’t have to.” In this video captured from an actual Rectodus Seminar and Retreat, you’ll witness nine men learning, sharing, and bonding together by participating in a carefully structured activity session.  Continue to The Rectodus Society’s hot nude pics…

Super Sexy Hunks Anthony & Tyler

Super Sexy Hunks Anthony & Tyler

Anthony Romero’s job as Tyler Torro’s poolboy is pretty simple. Balance and maintain the proper pH levels, keep leaves and other things out, and of course, finish by letting Tyler fuck the shit out of him. Fairly standard, by all accounts. And best of all, when they are done, it’s just a quick dip in the pool to get all cleaned up again. Continue to Anthony and Tyler’s hot nude pics…

Hunky Buddies Paul & Vance

Paul Wagner always wakes up with an erection. He loves to get his rocks off before getting out of bed. Good timing by Vance Crawford! He’s just out of the shower. Even though he’s almost late for work, there’s always time to get his dick sucked! Vance knows Paul likes to take it deep. And he can’t wait to pound his tight hole before heading off to start the day. These guys start things off with a hot sixty-nine before Vance delivers an ass pummeling you don’t wanna miss.

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Uber Horny Duo Rod & Parker

The über horny, ready to fuck duo Rod DailyParker London are back, and they’re readier than ever to fuck some ass and get off. Not only do they fuck each other’s asses, & suck each off, they stick their rock hard dicks in the lubed up FleshLight, an ass shaped sex toy, taking turns jerking off one another’s cockswith the fleshy feeling stimulator.

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Outdoor Buddies Samuel & Oliver

When it’s time to get off, it’s time to get off, and that’s something Samuel Smith doesn’t waste any time doing. Even when he’s outside, waiting for his friend to show up. After finding Samuel touching himself while sunbathing on a rock outside of his house, Oliver decides to join in on the fun and pull out his fat cock too. One thing leads to another, and the two give each other a little hand job action before spewing their cum loads all over each other.

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Hot Hunks Phenix and Samuel O’Toole

When it’s time to get off, it’s time to get off, even if your buddy is in the next room.Samuel O’Toole had that experience the other day and but got a pleasant surprise when Phenix decided to drop join in on the fun. Not only does Phenix take out hisfat cock to join the stroke fest, he offers his hot wet mouth. Not wanting to turn down an offer like that, Samuel stuffs his massive member into Phenix’s mouth and the party begins…and ends with the two studs busting their nuts onto each other.

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