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Exhibitionist College Muscle Dude Preston

Exhibitionist College Muscle Dude Preston

Preston Dean loves the outdoors. There’s something about the fresh air and being out in the open that just drives him wild. At 6’1″, and 215 lbs, not to mention his dark hair and handsome features, he could turn heads in any big city nightclub but he’s not concerned with that. Finding a quiet place to pleasure himself is just fine for him. He takes off his shirt to reveal a nice natural build, mostly smooth college muscle, all gained from hard work and hard play, rather than hours at a gym. And he loves his body. Some guys jerk off and they go right for the cock, as if nothing else matters. Preston is different. He runs his hand all over his muscular chest, tracing the lines of his chiseled abs, lightly grazing a nipple with his fingers, and just letting the sensation of his hands roaming all over his body build the sexual energy up to a peak. Continue to Preston’s hot nude pics…

Smooth Muscular Jock Damon Sparks

Smooth Muscular Jock Damon Sparks

With his thick mop of jet black hair, boy band good looks, and hot mostly smooth body, Damon Sparks is one hot hunk of man. At five foot ten and one hundred and sixty five pounds of solid muscle, Damon walks in the room and turns heads no matter where he goes. He works hard at the gym to give him such a well defined smooth muscular jock look but it’s his active lifestyle that keeps him in such exquisite shape. He loves mixed martial arts and surfing and anything else that gets him outside working that hot body of his. You can just imagine his body with a light sheen of sweat or glistening with sea water, breath heavy from all the jumping and maneuvering, and finally settling down beside you looking longingly at your face with his beautiful deep brown eyes. Continue to Damon’s hot nude pics…

Hung Muscle Stud Ryan Rich

Rich Ryan

You can file Rich Ryan under the category of Handsome Man. He’s got the kind of suave demeanor that you would find in a guy on a reality show trying to win the heart of single woman. Which makes it so exciting to see him here on Randy Blue jerking his nice big cock for you. Rich has deep brown eyes that totally draw you in if you were leaning in for a kiss. His 6 foot tall frame and beautifully muscular body would definitely grab your attention from across the room. And when he talks, his deep sexy voice would have your dick leaking precum before you even saw him totally naked. And once he’s naked you’re all his. His hard pecs and tight abs are covered in well trimmed dark body fur and his collection of body art tells a story that only he knows. Getting to explore his exhibitionist streak we shot him outside so he could release his meaty cock for the world to see.  Continue to Rich’s hot nude pics…

Smooth Handsome Jock Jake Ellis

Jake Ellis is so handsome with his deep hazel eyes and those sexy pouty lips that you know would feel so good wrapped around your cock. And at six foot two he makes an entrance every time he walks into a room. He’s got a lean muscular build, mostly smooth with just a little light brown body hair in all the right places. He’s a typical horny college jock that loves jerking his thick meaty dick. You can almost picture him with some of his buddies having some hot group sex or at the very least one hell of a circle jerk.

Jake Ellis

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Stunning Hairy Hunks Chris & Tristan

Chris Bines is such a hot and sexy guy who’s so up for anything. And putting him in a room with the adorable Tristan Scott was just asking for trouble. The good kind of trouble, the kind with hard cockshungry holes and lots of lube. Chris turns heads everywhere he goes with his nice tight muscular body, just the right amount of body and facial hair, and those intense blue eyes. His sexual energy could fill a room and Tristan could feel it before we even started shooting. Tristain has runway model good looks and from the sweet smile and reserved personality you would never know what a sexual animalhe is.

Chris B & Tristan

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Gorgeous Athletic Jock Scott Woodman

Scott Woodman looks like your everyday horny college jock. He’s 19, loves to play football and is very athletic. He’s been wanting to try gay porn for a while and you can tell by the way he runs his hands all over his smooth chest, letting them linger a bit on the nipples, and just enjoying the erotic sensation of it all that he’s not camera shy one bit.

Gorgeous Jock Scott Woodman

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Super Sexy Jock Kurt Madison

The first thing you notice about Kurt Madison is his sexy green eyes. If he looks at you from across a crowded room you’ll forget anyone else is there. His floppy hair and handsome scruffy face show how laid back he is. There is this highly sexualized yet relaxed demeanor about him that draws you in. He’s a dancer and a gymnast, so his body is perfectly sculpted with nice tight muscles, hairy in all the right places. Especially his hairy ass. One could imagine him having lots of gay jock sex, with on other stud or in a big orgy. And all the while totally holding his own. But anything you imagine for this guy is pushed aside the moment he drops his pants and whips out the monster cock that’s hiding in his pants.

Super Sexy Jock Kurt Madison

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Gorgeous Studs Diego Sans & Donny Wright

Diego Sans walks in on Donny Wright about to pop in his new Randy Blue Adrenaline porn video and decides they’d have a lot more fun if they just fuckedeach other instead. The two of them entwining their bodies together is so hot because they are both so different. Diego with his smooth, amazingly defined Latino college jock body, boyishly handsome face and sweet bubble butt, and Donny with his deliciously hairy body, tight muscular frame and sexy facial scruff. Diego playfully tugs at his own sensitive nipples while ramming his fuckstick deep in Donny’s gut. They’re hardwired to his cock so the tiniest bit of stimulation sends him into a wild horny rage. Coupled with an ass as hot as Donny’s to fuck, Diego becomes a sexual thunderstorm, complete with thunder and lightning.

Gorgeous Studs Diego & Donny Gorgeous Studs Diego & Donny 2

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